Terms & Conditions

1. Purpose

The aim of FijiLife is to provide social, recreational and cultural activities to its members. FijiLife will also establish, deliver and promote a range of benefits / discounts in conjunction with retailers, outlets and recreational facilities by harnessing the profile of its members.

FijiLife will arrange events for its members keeping in mind that such should appeal to the broad membership base.




a) To source and offer discounts at retail / recreational outlets for the benefit of its members

b) To arrange memberships at recreational facilities

c) To arrange and encourage social and cultural events for its members

d) To arrange and sponsor sport and recreational activities for its members

e) To provide a point of contact and routinely communicate to its members



2. Membership

• Membership of FijiLife is for personal use only and is non-transferable.

• Members may be required to produce their FijiLife discount card and must do so on request by any authorized person acting on behalf of any club, organization or venue where membership of FijiLife allows entry to or provides a discount on food, drink or services.

• Members may be required to present Photo ID along with their FijiLife card.

• Memberships will be offered for 12 months only. The Executive Committee shall from time to time and in its absolute discretion review the status of members and notify the members accordingly of any change in category of membership.

The Executive Committee can at its sole discretion accept applications and nomination for associate members for individuals that have certain skills, expertise or can assist in furthering the interest of FijiLife.

Associate Memberships may be withdrawn at any time and at the discretion of the committee. Associate membership shall be liable for the fees as determined by the Executive Committee. Access to certain facilities (Hotels, Beach or Gyms) and certain events may be restricted or have a different pricing structure for associate members.

Membership Fees – Monthly fee of FJD $9.00 to paid one year in advance

a) Every member shall pay a yearly membership fee as fixed by the Executive Committee.

b) The Executive committee at its discretion may fix a higher fee structure for any membership with a minimum notice period of 1month. Any fee increase will be reflected in the FijiLife terms and conditions.

c) No refund shall be made if a member resigns.

d) A member who requests a reissue of his/her membership card due to loss or damage is required to pay an administrative fee of FJD $50.00 as determined by the FijiLife Committee.

e) Members who become ineligible to be members of the club due to any reason must surrender his/her membership card.

g) Members accept to receive emails and sms´s from FijiLife with relevant information, offers, events etc.



Membership Process

Membership registration to be completed at www.FijiLife.com.fj


Membership Cancellation

Any membership will automatically be cancelled, if not renewed, after a period of 12 months.


Lost membership cards

A lost card should be reported immediately to FijiLife via email to info@FijiLife.com.fj

Reissuing of membership cards will carry a fee of FJD $50.00

In the event a member loses their card on a 2nd instance, FijiLife has the right to exclude the person from the membership.



3. Code of Conduct for Members

Upon receiving membership, all members are requested at all times to behave in such a way that their behavior will not cause embarrassment to FijiLife or other members.

Misuse of Membership Card, Privileges provided, Facilities or Equipment will result in cancellation of the membership.

FijiLIfe membership cards remain the property of FijiLife and can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice but with reason.

FijiLife may on the recommendation of the Committee suspend or terminate any membership for any action deemed by the Committee to be contrary to the best interests of FijiLife.



4. Protection of Information

Information regarding its members collected and maintained by FijiLife for the purpose its business is privileged information. As such information shall not be divulged or shared with any unauthorized establishment.



5. Events and Partnerships

FijiLife will sign agreements with various partner outlets to provide services for its members

Commercial organizations that enter into such discount/sponsorship agreement may produce and display/distribute publicity material that includes FijiLife logo and identities. In the event that the FijiLife logo is misused, FijiLife reserves the right to contact the said company requesting they refrain from use and/or enter into discussions regarding a business arrangement in accordance with regulations.

Only outlets that have signed agreements for 1 year with FijiLife will be advertised on the FijiLife website. Always refer to the FijiLife website for the official updated list of deals.

Only outlets that have signed agreements for 1 year with FijiLife will be advertised on the FijiLife website. FijiLife cannot be held responsible nor liable for any change in vendor participation, pricing, discount or access.


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